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Download and setup latest Eclipse and JDK

For serious java exploration, it is a must to have JDK and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment –  the tool to create and run java projects) installed in your local machine. Online compiler can get you started, but as you are going to the advanced topic you need this. So, let us get straight in to the steps of downloading, installing and using Eclipse and JDK. Continue reading

Java tutorial pdf to download

Cover PageHere is your gift!

A Java tutorial pdf. This could be downloaded to your computer and start using as a learning guide.

The online version of this pdf is available in

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What does java tutorial pdf contain?

This tutorial has step-by-step instructions to get you started with java. You will be able to try out java samples without installing anything at all.

Is it free?

Yes. Only thing I ask a favor from you is to share it with your friends and those who are interested. Please like us in Social Media (check top right box for this). That way you get a free java tutorial pdf. And I get a word of mouth publicity.

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Extremely simple Java Tutorial for beginners

extremely simple java tutorial for beginners cover page



Congratulations! You are reading the extremely easy and simplest Java tutorial for beginners.

If you are a beginner, this course will boost your confidence and give you a jump start in the Java learning. This course is designed as baby steps. I will show you some concepts then ask you to try out certain things. Follow through every instruction to get the best out of it.

This tutorial is also meant for anyone who is new to Java or even programming. No previous experience is assumed. However, if you have a general idea about any programming language it will greatly help.

Some of the discussion here is to convey the concepts and to make it understand in a very easy way. You should keep in mind that there could be much depth in those concepts. Let me take an example, when I mention ‘a class is group of similar functions’; that is just for you to understand – actually class is much more than that.

This course is free. You are always welcome to share it with others. However, if you are using any part of this course elsewhere, please don’t forget to give credit to Java Learning Academy. If you are using it in a website, a link that follows to JLA web site is required.

Arranged as simple chapters, you will find this course easy to complete. Once you complete this course, you will understand the basic concepts in Java programming. You will be able to write your own Java programs and run it. This course also will prepare you for advanced topics in Java. So let’s get ready!


Chapter 1 – What is programming language

We have start from the beginning. So, we will discuss about the programming languages in general then how java is different.

Chapter 2 – Run your first java program

In this chapter we will jump right in to running a sample code. This way, you will get engaged instead being lost in the theories. We will do a simple “Hello World” program. You will be even able to try out your own code, without installing anything from your side. All action!

Chapter 3 – Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide

Once you have tried out your first code, it is the time to move to next step. In this chapter, you will be introduced to operators. You will play around with add, subtracting etc.

Chapter 5 – Arrays

Arrays are introduced in this chapter. Arrays are frequently used data structure. For trying out more advanced language constructs you should know this.

Chapter 6 – Logical Constructs

Logical constructs help you make decisions. This is what is covered in this chapter. Various ways of decision making in the program and logical operators are covered here.

Chapter 7 – Loops

Loops are covered in Chapter 7. Java provides you various way to repeatedly execute instructions. There are covered in detail here.

Chapter 8 – How to use Classes and Objects

Now that you have tried with your own hands the most important concepts in Java language, it is the time to know about Classes and Objects. Object oriented concepts and how to use classes and objects are covered here.

This course will boost your confidence and give you a jump start in the Java learning. So what you think? All set to start your journey with extremely simple java tutorial for beginners?

Let’s get Started.